Call for papers

15th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS)

Université de Lorraine, France

20-23th June 2023

IWCS is the biennial meeting of SIGSEM, the ACL special interest group on semantics [2]; this year’s edition is organized by the Loria and IDMC of the Université de Lorraine. This edition of IWCS will feature awards for outstanding papers.

The aim of the IWCS conference is to bring together researchers interested in any aspects of the computation, annotation, extraction, representation and neuralisation of meaning in natural language, whether this is from a lexical or structural semantic perspective. IWCS embraces both symbolic and machine learning approaches to computational semantics, and everything in between. The conference and workshops will take place 20-23 June 2023, though likely not on all 4 days.

We invite proposals for ”’workshops”’ to be held in conjunction with IWCS 2023. We solicit proposals in all areas of computational semantics, in other words all computational aspects of meaning of natural language within written, spoken, signed, or multi-modal communication.

We invite paper submissions in all areas of computational semantics, in other words all computational aspects of meaning of natural language within written, spoken, signed, or multi-modal communication. Submissions are invited on these closely related areas:

  • design of meaning representations
  • syntax-semantics interface
  • representing and resolving semantic ambiguity
  • shallow and deep semantic processing and reasoning
  • hybrid symbolic and statistical approaches to semantics
  • distributional semantics
  • alternative approaches to compositional semantics
  • inference methods for computational semantics
  • recognising textual entailment
  • learning by reading
  • methodologies and practices for semantic annotation
  • machine learning of semantic structures
  • probabilistic computational semantics
  • neural semantic parsing
  • computational aspects of lexical semantics
  • semantics and ontologies
  • semantic web and natural language processing
  • semantic aspects of language generation
  • generating from meaning representations
  • semantic relations in discourse and dialogue
  • semantics and pragmatics of dialogue acts
  • multimodal and grounded approaches to computing meaning
  • semantics-pragmatics interface
  • applications of computational semantics


Two types of submission are solicited: long papers and short papers. Both types should be submitted not later than 3 15 22 March (anywhere on earth).

Long papers should describe original research and must not exceed 8 pages (not counting acknowledgements and references). Short papers (typically system or project descriptions, or ongoing research) must not exceed 4 pages (not counting acknowledgements and references). Both types will be published in the conference proceedings and in the ACL Anthology. Accepted papers get an extra page in the camera-ready version.


IWCS 2023 papers should be formatted following the common two-column structure as used by IWCS 2021 (borrowed from ACL 2021). Please use our specific style-files or the Overleaf template.

Similar to IWCS 2021, initial submissions should be fully anonymous to ensure double-blind reviewing.

While the current paper does not adhere to the latest ACL 2023 style which necessitates the inclusion of Limitations and Ethics Statement sections, authors are welcome to provide insights on these aspects should they choose to do so. These discussions should not surpass the prescribed page limit.

Poster instructions

Authors are free to select their preferred poster template, which should have an A0 portrait size. Please include the title of your poster, the author(s) and the name of the conference. It is optional to include logos.


Papers should be submitted in PDF format.

Submission link:

Please make sure that you select the right track when submitting your paper. Contact the organisers if you have problems using Softconf.

No anonymity period

IWCS 2023 does not have an anonymity period. However, we ask you to be reasonable and not publicly advertise your preprint during (or right before) review.

Double Submission Policy

Papers that have been or will be submitted to other meetings or publications must indicate this at submission time. Authors of papers accepted for presentation at IWCS 2023 must notify the program chairs by the camera-ready deadline as to whether the paper will be presented. All accepted papers must be presented at the conference to appear in the proceedings. We will not accept for publication or presentation papers that overlap significantly in content or results with papers that will be (or have been) published elsewhere.


All dates are anywhere on earth.

  • Paper submission: March 3td March 22th 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: April 17th April 26th 2023
  • Camera-ready due: May 15th May 29th 2023
  • IWCS conference: 20-23 June 2023


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