The conference is organized by the Loria, Inria and the IDMC of the Université de Lorraine

  • Program chairs: Maxime Amblard and Ellen Breitholtz, Senior Lecturer, University of Gothenburg
  • Local Organisation: Maxime Amblard, Université de Lorraine

Sémagramme team:

  • PhD students: Marie Cousin, Valentin Richard, Siyana Pavlova, Amandine Lecomte, Amandine Decker, Chuyuan Li, Hee-Soo Choi
  • Others: Vincent Tourneur, Khensa Daoudi, Bruno Guillaume, Julie Halbout, Fanny Ducel, Laura Masson-Grehaigne

Loria Staff:

  • Nathalie Fritz, Delphine Hubert, Anne-Marie Messaoui
  • Marie Baron, Mariana Diaz

IDMC Staff:

  • Marie Buchheit, Marie-Luce Boulet

The committee can be contacted through

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